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Aerospace Seating — Stimulite® flexible honeycomb technology

Aerospace Seating — Stimulite flexible honeycomb technology is an engineered product derived from a proprietary process called fusion-bonding. This industry-proven technology for seat cushions and sleep surfaces combines unparalleled long term sitting comfort with an ultra-durable, lightweight, low profile, which increases cabin space. Additionally, Stimulite adds cross ventilation, washability and recyclability when compared to traditional seating surfaces. The physical configuration of the technology is a derivative of the composite honeycomb structures commonly found in the aerospace industry which exhibit high structural integrity and optimum strength-to-weight advantages. However, unlike rigid aerospace honeycomb, Stimulite honeycomb is produced from highly durable thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) and is not bonded with adhesives. Instead, a proprietary, fusion-bonding technique is used to produce the honeycomb in a variety of configurations. Because it is fabricated from thermoplastics and manufactured without adhesives, Stimulite is the only anisotropic-type honeycomb to have "memory," the ability to repeatedly return to its original shape. This honeycomb technology is setting new standards for long term sitting and sleeping comfort in the aerospace industry.
The extensive range of TPUs used in the fabrication of Stimulite is produced by BASF, a partner of Supracor® under the trade name Elastollan®. These materials combine the best properties of rubber and plastics for superior durability and performance. They are noted for their exceptional tensile, tear, and compressive strength, puncture resistance, and flexibility at extreme temperatures. The physical properties of the TPU material allow Stimulite to achieve ultra-low compression set characteristics when compared to traditional seating materials.
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Property, units Typical Value ASTM Test Method
Specific Gravity, g/cm3 1.14 D792
Shore Hardness, Shore A 74 D2240
E-Modulus, psi 1525 D412
Tensile Strength, psi 4600 D412
Tensile Strength at 100% Elongation, psi 750 D412
Tensile Strength at 300% Elongation, psi 1275 D412
Ultimate Elongation, % 860 D412
Stimulite honeycomb's mechanical properties are controlled by:

  • Physical properties of the raw material
  • Cell diameter
  • Wall gauge (thickness of the cell wall)
  • Core thickness
  • Facings applied to the core