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Aerospace Seating — Comfort in Stimulite® honeycomb

Aerospace Seating — Comfort in Stimulite honeycomb is a result of a matrix of elongated hexagons forming a complex pattern of alternating single- and double-walled cells. Each cell has eight interior and exterior radii. This cellular geometry makes Stimulite honeycomb anisotropic, having three different degrees of resistance or "flex" in its length ("L" direction), width ("W" direction) and surface height ("T" direction). This enables it to absorb energy or impact from different angles and to perfectly contour to the anatomy. When compressed, the cells radiate outwards to surround and support the anatomy, intelligently "self-adjusting" to applied pressure. The footprint of the cells' edges stimulates blood flow, enhancing circulation and preventing the numbness that can occur when sitting for long durations.
Each cell of Stimulite honeycomb is perforated to allow air to flow both vertically and horizontally, keeping the body temperature from rising and preventing heat build-up. Because it's over 90% open space, there's less material and more air in contact with the body.

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